Artist Statement

I was born a performer that became infatuated with the dance lifestyle. I constantly surround myself with neighboring dance trends such as fitness, health, appreciation for the environment, and self-love in order to positively influence my life and help maintain motivation. First, I am a performer. Second, I am a choreographer. Compromising my role with these two concentrations is something I am consistently balancing. The internal release that performing provides is something every dancer should be able to relate with. Without instinctive passion, there is no Art. Eventually, I would like to take my performance experience into what I will come to develop and present as a choreographer, whilst producing along the way. When I choreograph, I strive to tell a story and move in ways that highlight the music. My ultimate goal is for the audience to leave the performance feeling affected in some way by the choreography as well as the performance. In order to do so, there must be evident levels of connection on both the performers end, as well as the engaging audience. Dance is something highly under appreciated and my long-term goal as a dancer is to resolve this issue by developing ways for individuals to relate to dance in their own artistic way; through performance ability, choreographic presentation and most importantly, through existence of connection.